MARTA TROYA                      CONTACT / CV 

Marta Troya‘s practice is multidisciplinary in nature as it adapts to the environment of the country in which she finds herself. The artist solely works on-site and gives form to embodied experience through a shift in materials based on the country of origin. The artwork thus serves as the documentation process of a lived interaction with new geographies, cultures, and human societies. Troya’s work is mostly project-based and has involved working with hairdressing salon’s in Beijing and London; weaving workshops in Kozhikode (India) and Joshua Tree (USA); Sri Lankan refugees in Chennai (India); and distinct communities in London and Málaga (Spain).

IMG_2739 Ba-Bá is a self-run international artist studio exchange programme in which the artist Marta Troya facilitates her own personal studio/gallery/living space in the city of Málaga (Spain) in exchange for a studio with similar facilities owned by creatives around different parts of the world. During the trade, both artists maintain an online correspondence that comments on the distinct experiences and encounters confronted while experiencing each other’s spaces and cities. 
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 20.03.12 Turning Pages is an extension of the concept of Ba-Bá and is an ongoing, virtual, artist studio exchange between artist and professor Glenn Zucman and Marta Troya. 

Hippie Picasso is the artist’s own personal blog and is where she keeps an informal written documentation of weekly encounters and happenings that later influence her art practice.